The 40th anniversary of May '68 is an occasion to note a certain number of changes that have come about in the intellectual landscape over the last few years, by examining the various ways that philosophers, writers and historians have been for some time reading this key moment in recent French history. In fact the particular historical moment shows the singular ability to hold onto the title of "event", as in "the events of May '68". More than for most historical facts, the commemoration of May 68 is integral to and prolongs the durable impact that those events have had on French society. The decennial rendez-vous with this memory serve as so many indicators of the ideological metamorphoses of our times. Several books among the publishing avalanche set off by the most recent decade marker take a look at this "history of the history of...", including Le Moment 68: Une histoire contestée by Michelle Zancarine-Fournel, which focuses on the student and worker revolt that serves -- or (...) more>>

July/August/September 08